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Grappling / Submission Fighting

In Hwa Rang Do®, we believe that one should be able to defend themselves from all types of attack as well as all stages of fighting. Gotoogi is our version of both position grappling for beginners for control and positions and submission grappling for intermediate and advanced students. One learns throws and takedowns and once on the ground, the goal is to submit the opponent with arm locks, leg locks, or chokes.

In this section one will learn all aspects of gaining control from stand up position to takedown, gain ground control, and apply submissions from the ground.

Techniques Covered in Gotoogi Class:

  • Takedowns
  • Positioning & gaining leverage on the ground
  • Escapes and Reversals
  • Chokes & Neck Manipulation
  • Arm Locks & Shoulder Locks
  • Leg Locks


  • Mandatory – Gotoogi Uniform 
  • Optional personal protection (mouth guard, groin cup, knee pads, ear guard…)


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