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First, please read this page to determine if this is really for you: Conquer Yourself


"One who conquers others is strong;

One who conquers oneself is mighty."


If you have come this far and are now ready to Conquer the Self, then please click the following link to begin the admission process into the Hwa Rang Do Online Global University.  Please note that you will have to complete the following steps in order to gain admission into this elite program:

  1. Input relevant contact information
  2. Understand the commitments of the program and answer some essential questions & essays
  3. Complete a personal interview directly with Grandmaster Lee
    *Please be prepared for Grandmaster Taejoon Lee to ask you any kind of questions, including personal ones, in order to make sure you fully understand what you will be committing to and also for Grandmaster Lee to evaluate whether he will accept you as one of his students.

Click Here To Begin Admissions: STEP #1

You are only a few steps away to becoming a personal student of Grandmaster Taejoon Lee and admitted into Hwa Rang Do Online Global University (HOGU).


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