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Hwa Rang Do® Online Global University


The Ancient Korean Warrior Art of Nobility

"The Way of the Flowering Knights"

School of Leadership


Hwa Rang Do® Online Global University (HOGU) was created to facilitate those who are seriously interested in learning the art, but do not have access to a nearby Dojang (School) as well as for existing Hwa Rang Do® / Tae Soo Do® Students and Instructors to gain additional knowledge and experience directly from the apparent Heir, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee (Kuksanim).

You will be taught directly by Grandmaster Taejoon Lee in live group classes which are archived in an extensive video library as well as having the opportunity to have one-to-one private sessions.


By becoming a member of HOGU, this is what will be available to you:

  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Hundreds of hours of Archived Video Instruction (Growing Weekly)
  • Belt-by-Belt Curriculum Instructional Videos
  • Cyberdoajng Content which includes over 20 years of Seminars and Special Classes by Grandmaster Taejoon Lee as well as by the Founder Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee on all subjects - Striking, Takedowns, Grappling, Joint-Locks, Submissions, Weaponry, and much more...
  • Personal Online Private Sessions with Grandmaster Taejoon Lee
  • Live Online Belt Examinations Conducted directly by Grandmaster Taejoon Lee
  • Instructor Certification Programs

Hwa Rang Do® Instructor Program (HIP): Through HOGU you will also be eligible for the HRD Instructor Certification Training Program.

If you need more information on Hwa Rang Do® and/or Grandmaster Taejoon Lee please go to these sites for further information.







However, if you are here, and you know what you want, then most likely you have already researched and learned much about Hwa Rang Do® and now you are ready to start training.

This website is a guided tour into Hwa Rang Do and the programs offered through HOGU. As you come to each page please review its contents and  decide whether you want to continue for further information or leave. That is entirely up to you.

We are searching for the few dedicated individuals who are willing and able to make the necessary commitments to learn the Art closest to the source to maintain, preserve, and cultivate an Ancient Warrior Tradition, inspiring and leading others by living exemplary lives!

For the World Hwa Rang Do Association Members who are actively training in Hwa Rang Do / Tae Soo Do please Click Here.

For those who are not currently training in Hwa Rang Do / Tae Soo Do, but want to become direct students of Grandmaster Taejoon Lee please Click Here!