Tae Soo Do

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Tae Soo Do®

“The Way of the Warrior Spirit”

Tae Soo Do is the Undergraduate Program for beginner Martial Artists.  It is designed to help understand the fundamentals, basic mechanics, and philosophies inherent in the practice of martial arts.  It is also considered the sport version of Hwa Rang Do.


It is a Prerequisite Program to Hwa Rang Do and must be completed in order to continue on with Hwa Rang Do.

The Curriculum

  • Linear and Circular Kicking
  • Linear and Circular Blocks and Hand Strikes
  • Combinations: Kick-Boxing
  • Practical self-defense Techniques
  • Basic Joint Manipulation
  • Basic Take-Downs and Throws
  • Basic Ground Fighting and Choking
  • Weaponry: 
  • Ssang Jyel Bong (nunchuku)
  • Jang Bong (long staff)
  • Janggum (sword)
  • Beginner to Advanced Forms: Weapon and Open Hand
  • Sparring: Light to Medium Contact
  • Basic Acrobatics and Falling Techniques
  • Stretching and Agility Drills

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